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I want you to have the PERFECT quilt for your bed. I use traditional sizing for my quilts, and they fit the bed similar to a comforter, as opposed to a floor length bedspread. To insure the exact fit you want, please check the item measurements in the listing against your own bed. If you have an extra deep mattress or thick topper and want your quilt to drape longer on the sides or cover your pillows, you may need to order the next size up. Please feel free to convo me with questions and custom size requests!


Homespun fabrics are created by weaving colored cotton threads to make the pattern, rather than printing the design on the fabric with inks like modern quilting fabrics. Because the pattern is woven rather than printed, Homespuns are only available in plaids, checks or solids, and aren't available with pictures of flowers or ducks, etc. The woven nature of the material frays much better than a printed modern quilting fabric, which makes a far prettier rag-style quilt.


Our quilts go thru a distressing process that requires the use of fabric softeners and dryer sheets. We use Mrs. Meyers products as they don't use as many chemicals and their scents aren't as strong and lingering, but we want customers with allergies to be aware of their use to avoid possible reactions.